Organic Hemp Aroma Extracts 

High-quality hemp flavour extracts with CBD/CBDA

WIDMANN Organic Hemp Aroma Extracts are based on hemp from EU-certified organic cultivation and are made from 100 % natural organic hemp that thrives under optimal conditions in nutrient-rich soil. 

Our organic hemp extracts concentrate the aromatic power and valuable ingredients of the hemp plant. For the best possible protection of the raw materials, they are harvested by hand and gently processed using CO2 extraction. Our organic hemp flavour extracts contain either 5 % or 10 % cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabidiolic acid (CBDA).

Produktbild WIDMANN Bio-Hanf Extrakt
  • With marketability certificate
  • High quality and sustainable ingredients
  • BIO-certified according to EC organic regulation*
  • 5 % or 10 % CBD/CBDA
  • Organic hemp seed oil and hemp extract
  • THC < 0.2 % (no intoxicating effect)
  • Gentle extraction and processing of raw materials
  • Free of additives and CBD isolates
  • Vegan, lactose- and gluten-free
  • Without artificial colours and preservatives
  • *AT-BIO-301 / EU agriculture

    Distributing company:
    Avitamed GmbH | Im Steingerüst 32 | 76437 Rastatt | Germany

WIDMANN Bio-Hanfextrakt