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  • You have an impressive martial arts career behind you and are still active in professional sport at over 40 years of age. How did you manage that?
    First of all, I'm passionate about my sport. I am a fighter at heart. This passion make me perform at my best. I had and still have the clear goal of continuing to develop and improve. In the end, success is the result of hard work, the right mindset and the right concept for keeping the body healthy. As a trained mental coach, I have realised that a match is always won in the mind first.
  • How did the cooperation with B2B come about?
    My friends Moritz Klatten and Nico Airone are professional biohackers. They organised a retreat on Sylt, which I attended because the methods for maintaining health, energy and fitness are very important for my performance. At the retreat I got to know the B2B Medical Managing Director Frank Widmann. Due to our interest in bio-hacking and health, we immediately had a good connection with each other and it was also a good fit on a personal level - that was the start of our collaboration.
  • And who is the person behind the successful top athlete?
    As a top athlete, I have to stay focussed. I can't go to every party. Nevertheless, good friendships and especially my family are very important to me. They ground me and give me stability. Apart from that, I'm a sociable, open and empathetic person. I grew up on a farm, so I’m used to hard work. Diva airs and graces are alien to me. I am a team player. I wouldn't have got this far without a strong team to support me. I am very grateful for that.
  • What does health mean to you?
    Everything, actually. By training as a physiotherapist, I chose a health profession and realised how fundamentally important it is to strengthen your health in order to feel good and happy. If health wasn't my top priority, I wouldn't be able to box at the top level. This sport demands everything of you, you need to be highly focussed, strategic, absolutely fit and responsive. All this is only possible with a healthy mind and a healthy body.
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  • Why do import medicinal products look different from the original?
    This is because the packaging from abroad does not contain German texts. However, labelling in German is required by law. For this reason, as a parallel importer we produce packaging in German including German instructions for use, in accordance with German labelling obligations, to ensure correct medicinal product information for the patient. Visually, the packaging may differ slightly from the original packaging.
  • What are the advantages of medicinal products and medical devices from parallel import?
    You get original products at lower prices. Due to different health systems and taxation, the products can often be purchased abroad under better conditions. This relieves the health system as a whole. Trading partners, pharmacies and patients can all benefit from the price advantages. Procurement abroad can also close supply gaps in the domestic market.
  • How safe is a medical device from parallel import?
    As original products with the legally required CE marking, EU medical devices are subject to the manufacturer's strict quality controls and those of B2B Medical. In terms of their application and therapeutic effect, they are 100% identical to the original product. The quality of medical devices from parallel import is guaranteed at all times.
  • What are parallel imports?
    These are medicinal products or medical devices produced by an original manufacturer in another EU country. Often, the manufacturer no longer produces the product in Germany. Both the manufacturer and the importer introduce the product into Germany to sell it there, thus operating in parallel. Parallel imported products are always original products from the respective original manufacturer and have an identical therapeutic effect.
  • What are import medicinal products?
    Import medicinal products come from other EU countries. In terms of active ingredients, dosage form and type of application, they 100% match the original product as sold by the original manufacturer with its pharmaceutical central number in Germany. Moreover, they meet all the requirements of the German Medicinal Products Act.
  • What is the difference between parallel import and re-import?
    In parallel import, the manufacturer produces the products at a foreign production site. The parallel importer buys the products in other European countries and imports them to Germany. In re-import, the production takes place at a German site. From there, the products are exported to other European countries and re-imported to Germany by the importer.
  • What is the difference between import medicinal products and originals?
    Import medicinal products are always original products from the respective manufacturer. All pharmaceutically active ingredients are identical. Parallel imported medicinal products may be different purely in visual terms. As a parallel importer, we produce packaging in German adapted to German labelling obligations, to ensure correct medicinal product information for the patient.


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