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Our success is also your success!


We have been successfully trading in EU medicinal products, EU medical devices and health products for over 14 years. In the field of modern wound care, we are the leading parallel importer in wholesale. As a partner of all full-range pharmaceutical wholesalers, we have access to around 18,000 pharmacies throughout Germany. Our success is based on a precise understanding of the market, quality, customer proximity and, last but not least, reliable suppliers we can depend on in the long term.

Benefits for you:

Qualify as a supplier with B2B Medical and benefit across the board:

This is what we offer you:

  • Clearly structured and efficient procurement processes that ensure the best possible planning reliability for suppliers

  • A high-performance purchasing organisation with professional supplier management including systematic development of existing suppliers to become even better together

  • A fair contract and pricing policy that creates win-win situations

  • Long-term partnerships on an equal footing

Our procurement portfolio

Due to the broad orientation of our company, various needs arise:

Want to become a supplier? Then contact us today.

  • Medicinal products

  • Narcotics

  • Medical devices, including products for modern wound care

  • Dietetic products

  • Packaging (including labels, cartons, pallets)

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Supplier management

Our quest for excellence means that we can only work with the most proficient suppliers who pursue the same high quality standards as we do. We meet on an equal footing and share the same understanding of quality.


At B2B Medical, we have a comprehensive quality management system that is certified according to the guidelines for manufacturing (GMP), distribution (GDP) and ISO 13485. As a potential partner, you should have comparable quality assurance systems.


We stand by our word and expect the same reliability from you. This includes complying with the required product specifications and adhering to the promised delivery quantities and deadlines.


In addition, ethical and environmental principles are firmly anchored in our company philosophy, because we demonstrate social responsibility as a medium-sized family business. It is therefore important to us that you also focus on sustainability when procuring and manufacturing your products and use available resources sparingly.


For optimal supplier relationships, we have developed a multi-level supplier management system consisting of 4 pillars:

  1. Preliminary supplier selection

  2. Supplier approval

  3. Annual supplier assessment

  4. Supplier development

All partners are involved in this professional supplier management system to ensure maximum transparency and a high level of quality and efficiency. Ultimately, this system lays the foundation for a long-term, trusting cooperation in which we share the same values like quality awareness, reliability, transparency and solution-oriented thinking.


Want to qualify as a supplier at B2B Medical? Then feel free to contact us.


Your direct line to us.

We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about purchasing and procurement:

Frank Widmann


Tel.      + 49 7222 59 467 - 962

E-Mail  einkauf[at]

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